Cognomie closes £385k crowdfund to lead the Mental Fitness movement


We’re delighted here at Cognomie to confirm that we have secured £385k in funding from a crowdfunding campaign that has just concluded. This is our first round of funding for this year, with additional plans for further funding generation later in the year.

The investment is set to help fuel our global growth into new regions and help broaden our customer base in 2022 as we continue to deliver our mission of Mental Fitness for everyone – more vital than ever as we head towards two years of the pandemic.

Insights from the crowdfunding
The crowdfund felt like a huge step for everyone here at Cognomie. Certainly, it became a full-time job for the team, which in turn brought a degree of focus to the importance of delivering value from this round of funding, and a recognition of the accountability and responsibility that we now have to our new investors. As we continue to grow with a commitment to coaching excellence, we’re confident that we can also further differentiate ourselves in the market, allowing us to truly lead on Mental Fitness in the world of tomorrow.

Which is why it’s so affirming that the funding campaign showed us how much belief and shared support there is in our purpose and mission. On review, we attracted two investor-types – those who want to be part of the Mental Fitness movement and those drawn to the exciting commercial opportunity within the $120bn wellbeing market. We’re delighted that we attracted such broad interest in the next part of the Cognomie journey.

Where the investment will be focussed

Extending Cognomie’s young people and family offer was a key driver for the funding, so we’ll be focussing resources on this aspect of our growth over the coming year.

Additional investment will also be directed towards brand building with a brand refresh planned to generate reach and awareness across new markets. Vitally, we’ll be growing the Cognomie team to include dedicated business development and community support managers, as well as rapidly expanding our global coaching community.

We’re hugely excited to invest in people with the expertise we need, as a business that’s growing so quickly. It means John, Tim and I can refocus on leading the business, with a great team delivering to the highest standards, and that our clients and community have come to expect.

This crowdfund does more than validate what we’re doing; it speaks to the urgent need for Mental Fitness as an essential global movement. We’re incredibly grateful for each and every investment that has helped make this happen. Thank you!

by | 11 Jan 2022

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