Mental Fitness Benchmarking

Cognomie's digital platform can provide unique insights into your organisation's needs, ensuring the work we do is as effective as possible

01Data driven understanding - clearly identify areas for development in your organisation

Knowing where to start is a problem that we don't have

02Focussed delivery through data insights - optimising the impact of any work that we deliver

Ensuring our work is focussed on the aspects of your organisation that need it the most

03Data reporting - reporting on progress during implementation

Measuring ROI to ensure the value of your investment in Mental Fitness

MENTAL FITNESS BENCHMARKINGUsing data tools to find the insights that make the difference

Benchmarking your organisation's Mental Fitness is the most valuable way to draw immediate insights about your organisations pinch points and establish the most effective types of intervention. Easily deployed using our digital platform, we can produce valuable data rapidly.

Easily accessed and finely tuned, our benchmarking tools are developed by expert coaches to gain the insights that make the difference between good outcomes and great

As key areas for development are identified, customised benchmarking can be delivered to measure impact and ensure coaching and training impact is maximised

BENCHMARKINGSimple to implement, invaluable data

Our benchmarking tools can be developed mid-flight on a project, allowing us to dig deeper into areas for development, making the outcome even more tightly tuned

Rapid deployment
Clear reporting

BENCHMARK CASE STUDYRead how benchmarking was utilised in the NHS

The insights needed to be effective from day 1

Primary care leadership is delivered under dynamic conditions, ensuring our coaching and training interventions added value from day 1 was essential.

Benchmarking ensured that stakeholders were able to see what areas to focus our work on, but also to quantify the impact of the investment was on the teams involved

Ongoing insight, not just at the start

We can continue to benchmark throughout our work, tracking impact across individuals and teams, providing real-time data on performance improvements and employee wellbeing.