Invest in your personal development by working with a professional coach or mentor

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ADPorts Group is delighted to be partnering with Cognomie, a global performance and wellbeing coaching and mentoring organization with Mental Fitness at the heart of everything they do.

ADPorts Group in partnership with Cognomie is offering the option to provide both Coaching & Mentoring sessions to help support your personal development. Once the preferred route whether coaching or mentoring is aligned and defined based on development objectives, A qualified coach or mentor that is perfect for you will be matched and accordingly you shall explore and decide on what you can work on together.

To help you select which route is best suited to your needs, we’ve distinguished the difference between coaching and mentoring below:

A coach will:

  • Enable you to think differently about yourself and how you approach your work and life in general, through the use of relevant coaching techniques
  • Support your personal development through utilizing expert coaching skills
  • Create a coaching space that allows you to reach your identified goals yourself through creative thinking, to direct you towards specific solutions and outcomes

A mentor will:

  • Provide specific experience and technical knowledge in the area or topic that you are seeking mentoring around
  • Assist with skill development, sharing of specific topic related information or train you around specific areas
  • Give you specific guidance on how you might approach something you encounter, directing you towards specific solutions

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How these programmes can help

In the past these coaching and mentoring programmes have helped individuals with:

  • improving performance
  • delegation
  • giving feedback
  • managing remote teams
  • career development
  • leadership
  • personal and professional development
  • managing work-life balance
  • working through change
  • building trust and working with teams
  • developing resilience and managing stress
  • understanding strengths

Get the most out of your coaching or mentoring

Before you speak to one of Cognomie’s coaches or mentors, you’ll get more from the conversation if you think about some of the areas of focus that you could address from a coaching programme.

Consider some of the following areas:

  • Areas of personal development (for example motivation, managing performance)
  • Team working skills (for example working across remote teams)
  • Leadership (for example confidence)

Who should register

Coaching, Mentoring and Mental Fitness development can help us all to achieve the goals that we might have in life, both in the workplace and at home. It can helps to improve our performance and effectiveness, bringing a greater sense of fulfilment. This could lead to:

  • Recognised contributions towards your CPD (continuous professional development)
  • Bringing into focus your strengths and areas for improvement in your role at work
  • Goal setting for professional goals and ambitions
  • Helping with team capability development
  • Discovering new ways to approach challenges you might face in your personal development