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3 simple steps towards personal transformation

When you sign up to coaching with Cognomie, whether personally or as part of a team, you’ll begin a journey to help you get more of what you want from life (and less of what you don’t).

Whether that’s developing your career or leadership skills, building resilience and confidence, reducing stress or working on your most important relationships, Cognomie coaching can help, as we have done for thousands of clients already.

Every coaching experience starts with the Cognosis questionnaire.

It not only gives you great insight into your own situation and areas you might want to develop, it also allows us to match you with your perfect coach, which means you can start to improve your life from Day 1.

And there’s total flexibility. You can choose as many coaching sessions as you want and top up whenever you feel the need.

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‘I wish I’d had coaching years ago – it’s helped me to be more confident and I feel like I’ve got my mojo back!’


‘At last a solution that looks after my team’s wellbeing and at the same time provides quality coaching to improve performance. Cognomie solve two problems with one well-executed solution.’


Cognomie coaching for teams

We provide coaching at scale to pharmaceutical and biotech companies globally.

Through the highest quality coaching, we develop resilient, high-performing teams and leaders to help your company attract and retain talent, grow and outpace the competition.

Cognomie’s high quality coaching helps our teams to prevent burnout and stress, enabling them to reach their full potential

Sales Director – Top 20 Global Pharma

And we go further than other coaching organisations.

We benchmark your team’s performance, including aspects of their Mental Fitness and show you how your organisation compares to industry standards.

The deep insight gained is used to develop bespoke coaching plans which deliver individual and organisational growth.

Following the coaching programme, we benchmark again, demonstrating ROI and a measurable increase in performance.

Pharmaceuticals Sector

Expert coaching, at scale, to address pharma and healthcare’s most urgent needs

We provide coaching that will help your organisation with:

  • Retention
  • Attracting talent and training for quality/ effectiveness
  • Team development
  • Resilience and Mental Fitness
  • Compassionate and inclusive leadership
  • Menopause support

Your coaching journey starts here

Whether you’re interested as an individual or you want to explore options for your team, all coaching programmes include the following:

  • Cognosis self-reflection questionnaire (see image right)
  • Your ideal coach individually matched to you from our global community of highly qualified coaches, to ensure optimum outcomes for you
  • Dedicated customer service to give you the best coaching experience
  • Flexible payment options

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