Our History

What made Cognomie and motivates us

Mental Fitness begins with self-awareness and our name reflects this

Cognomie‘ is derived from the Latin word ‘cognosco‘ , which means ‘I learn’, ‘I get to know’ or ‘I become acquainted with’.

We deliver the single most effective programme to enable individuals and organisations to understand themselves, build lasting change through coaching, and therefore helping them to perform at their best.

Cognomie was born from our desire to help people across the world to become Mentally Fit. Mental Fitness helps to prevent poor mental health, helps us to perform at our best, at home and at work. It benefits the organisations we work in and, ultimately, helps us to lead happier lives. 

Our founders grew up in major multinational organisations, and have seen the life-changing impacts that can come from Mental Fitness coaching, compared to the limited change from multiple investments in less impactful training.  

Mental Fitness coaching is the most effective intervention across all aspects of life for creating a positive shift in behaviour and performance.  

Using technology to provide insight and performance improvements

We want our work to be as effective as possible.
We also want it to be measurable.

Cognomie leverages technology and data to create accessibility and scalability for companies to deliver the highest quality coaching, to drive performance and development AND to measure those results in terms of engagement, productivity and Return on Investment. 

We believe creating fundamentally happy and fulfilled teams boosts performance. We’re bringing expert online Mental Fitness coaching deep into organisations, to make lasting change. 

Find out how our expertise can help you and your organisation become mentally fitter.