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Is your organisation getting enough sleep?
Mental Fitness

Is your organisation getting enough sleep?

Before we explore the answer, it’s worth reflecting on why it perhaps seems like a strange question.  Do we tend to see too much sleep negatively in organisations? The prevailing culture of work and business has tended to be one where at best, sleep is seen as the...

sleep tips
Mental Fitness

Sleep Tips – 10 ideas for better sleep

Sleep is a vital part of our everyday wellbeing and our future health. Better sleep can strengthen our resilience and improve our productivity. So how can we get better sleep? 10 tips for getting better sleep Go to bed - It sounds a little simplistic. But how many...

Cultivating Optimism
Emotional Intelligence, Mental Fitness

Cultivating optimism

Optimism is a vital part of our Mental Fitness. In the words of a recent academic study:   “Optimism may significantly influence mental and physical well-being by the promotion of a healthy lifestyle as well as by adaptive behaviours and cognitive responses,...

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