Shape Strategy

Build your organisational growth around your people with our consulting team’s help.

Make Mental Fitness a strategic priority for organisational growth.

Employee wellbeing has never been more important. People are at the heart of the resilience, creativity, innovation, productivity and potential of organisations. In times of unprecedented change, challenge and opportunity, supporting, nurturing and unlocking the potential of the people that power our organisations is vital. 

Putting Mental Fitness at the heart of organisational strategy breaks the pattern of reactively supporting employees. It is a critical component of proactive organisational growth. 

At Cognomie we combine data and technology with the experience and expertise of smart, business focused coach consultants to help organisations unlock the potential of their people.

Wellbeing Strategy

Grow your organisation through your wellbeing strategy.

Helping you with insight and data to develop a wellbeing strategy aligned with organisational purpose.

Leadership Consulting

Building a leadership organisation which powers transformation.

Consulting to support employee growth across the whole organisation. The personal growth, transformation and empowerment that emerges is the catalyst for renewed organisational purpose and growth.

Communication and Alignment

Ensuring effectiveness through clearly communicated and integrated organisational strategy.

By designing coaching support for individuals across the organisation around organisational or team priorities the entire organisation can begin to align around leadership behaviours and goals.

Consulting Empowerment

Utilise our Coach Consultants to transform and empower your business through your people.

Bringing their depth of experience to help shape and support strategy that’s right for your people and organisation.

Benchmark your Mental Fitness

Benchmark your Mental Fitness:

Experience Cognosis for yourself

As part of your coaching programme, you'll gain access to Cognosis, allowing you to identify the areas of your personal development that will have the most impact.

Data, technology and human beings working in perfect harmony.

We think putting Mental Fitness at the heart of organisational strategy has 3 key ingredients.



Gaining deep insights into individual needs is vital to define organisational objectives. Analyse, review the data to see trends and create opportunity for development.


To match individual need with tailored, personalised support. To deliver change and grow at scale. To make this growth available to everyone, everywhere.

people powered


On their own data and technology can shape solutions. But without the expertise, experience, excellence and empathy of human beings they can’t provide truly personalised and effective solutions.

People are at the heart of our business because they are at the heart of yours.

Let our consultants help your organisation grow.

Start your Mental Fitness journey today. Book a consultation with our team and start your organisational development programme.

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