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“It is time to invest in the workforce and to remove the well documented drivers of significant stress in the system.”

‘Teachers are feeling under pressureundervalued, and overworked and this is having a significant impact on their views of their profession. Only 14% of respondents said they would recommend teaching as a career… 73% have seriously considered leaving their current job and 66% have considered leaving the teaching profession altogether’

NASWUAT Big Survey 2022 – Key Findings


Percentage of staff that believe that the job has adversely affected their mental health.

  • 83% reported experiencing anxiety

  • 79% reported losing sleep

  • 52% reported adverse mental health outcomes due to workload

NASWUAT Big Survey 2022 – Key Findings


Percentage of staff experiencing adverse mental health symptoms due to their work. Stress, depression, and anxiety have all remained at an unsustainably high level.

EDUCATION SUPPORT – Teacher Wellbeing Index 2022 – Key Findings


Percentage of staff that have considered leaving the sector in the past academic year due to pressures on their mental health and wellbeing.

EDUCATION SUPPORT – Teacher Wellbeing Index 2022 – Key Findings

Why choose Cognomie?

We have first-hand knowledge of the education sector. Our team includes experienced governors, headteachers and other school staff from the state and independent sectors.

This experience, combined with our world class Mental Fitness programme places us in a unique position to support your school.

Our blend of technology, coaching expertise, and a school-centred partnership will deliver the results you want: a happy, high-performing school with improved staff wellbeing, meaningful professional development, and improved teaching and learning outcomes

Partner with Cognomie to invest in your staff wellbeing and professional development.

Our Mental Fitness evaluation platform, coaching and training offer has been designed to address the real challenges schools are facing now


“Coaching in education is defined as a ‘one-to-one conversation focused on the enhancement of learning and development through increasing self-awareness and a sense of personal responsibility, where the coach facilitates the self-directed learning of the coachee through questioning, active listening, and appropriate challenge in a supporting and encouraging climate.”

van Nieuwerburgh (2012)


“For people to build their self-belief (thus improving personal wellbeing), in addition to accumulating successes, they need to know that their success is due to their own efforts. They must also know that other people believe in them, which means being trusted, allowed, encouraged, and supported to make their own choices and decisions.”

Whitmore (2017)


“Coaching is beneficial to increase resilience and confidence, cope with stressful situations, bounce back from obstacles and emotional detachment from a practical perspective. It helps to break typical thinking patterns, broaden views, opens trainees up to receiving feedback and gives them the chance to ‘see the forest for the trees.”

Sardar and Galdames (2018)

By partnering with Cognomie you will address your staff wellbeing and professional development priorities

Wellbeing Charter

  • Cognomie is an efficient and effective way to invest in your organisation’s mental health by supporting individuals to take responsibility for their own wellbeing.
  • We will provide managers with the information required to support their team’s mental health and create positive impact

Headteachers' Standards

  • Partnering with Cognomie will demonstrate your commitment to staff wellbeing and professional development.
  • Cognomie is a complete planning, delivery, and evaluation solution that will be collaboratively designed to address your school’s specific needs.
  • As your external expert, we will enable the honest conversations that are often required for self-directed wellbeing and professional development.


  • We will support you to raise awareness of the importance of wellbeing and professional development.
  • We will co-create evidence of the return on your investment – in both staff and pupil outcomes
  • We will support your understanding of your staff’s wellbeing and professional development needs.
  • We will enable your leaders and managers to develop and strengthen the quality and resilience of the whole school workforce.

Standards for Teachers' Professional Development

  • Our approach is designed to raise self-awareness, responsibility, and accountability for the wellbeing and professional development.
  • We will support you to address the staff wellbeing and professional development issues that will ensure strong learning outcomes.

How would this work for your organisation and what are the next steps?

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