Download the Cognomie white paper on The Equity Opportunity

Download our white paper exploring the state of play of the female experience in the workplace.

We’ve set out to explore how Diversity, Equality and Inclusion (DEI) strategies are shaping the workplace experience for women in 2023.

Whilst diversity and equality have taken huge steps forward, equity has still not been achieved. More organisations have in place formal DEI strategies, but we ask how much of this is performative allyship and how much has genuine intent for change. How much is simply a box ticking exercise and how much provides true gender equality in terms of opportunity and inclusion, and helping shape the future of work?

We speak to a selection of leaders across a wide variety of sectors to gain insight into real world experiences of DEI strategy and how effective they have been at bringing about these changes, and perhaps where they might fall short or need to work harder still.

Our white paper explores the following areas:

  • Setting a strategy for equity
  • The big equity gap
  • Transforming a culture of equity
  • Future shaping – cornerstones for women to thrive at work

We speak to leaders in public health, retail, technology and subject experts on the future of work.


For genuine, sustainable progress to be made, we need to go beyond targets and tick boxes. We need to see gender equality through the lens of opportunity, inclusion, and shaping the future, rather than pure policy and processes.

Kate Hesk – Co-founder & Head of Coaching, Cognomie

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