Coaching for a menopause friendly workplace

Helping women thrive through the menopause

What is it?

Our tailored solutions are designed to provide women with the support they need at a stage of their careers when they most need it. 

Supporting women experiencing menopause with transformational coaching helps ensure that valuable members of your organisation reach their full potential. 

Why is it needed?

Menopause can be a challenging life stage for many female employees. 

At a point in their careers  when their skills, networks and experience should be aligning to provide huge potential value to the organisation, the additional challenge of menopause mean that instead of moving forwards their careers go into stasis. Or, all too often, they step back from their roles or leave the organisation altogether. This can have huge costs for organisations in terms of lost or unproductive talent. More and more organisations are experiencing ‘leadership gaps’ or challenges of retention.

How can transformational coaching help?

By helping women explore who they are, their goals and purpose and unlock their potential taking into account the challenges of menopause. It can help:

  • Female employees feel recognised and valued at a critical career stage
  • Understand symptoms and the physical and cognitive impact of menopause and separate these from the other challenges and stresses of working life
  • Clarify their role in the organisation and align their values and energy with organisational goals
  • Nurture leadership skills and help individuals channel their experience, values and capabilities into helping the organisation grow and develop. 
  • Understand how to navigate and make use of structures and support that exists within the organisation
  • Involve individuals in influencing and shaping those structures and strengthen impact of menopause support available.

Who is it for?

Any organisation from SMEs through to national and international organisations who want to ensure that their female employees remain an integral part of the organisation, reach their full potential and develop into leadership roles. 

Does it work alongside existing menopause support structures?

Absolutely. Menopause support can come in a wide range of forms and include recognition of the problem and issues, provision of practical policies and resources and good communication around the issue. More and more organisations are signing the menopause workplace pledge and providing greater support in the workplace.  But this is all much more powerful and effective when women at this career stage can also access coaching support to help navigate their own challenges and recognise menopause as part of themselves, rather than a ‘career problem. 

Is it cost effective?

We’ve designed our approach to coaching to allow organisations to be able to offer it at scale throughout the organisation. This allows incalculably high returns from low levels of investment per employee in terms of improved staff retention and recruitment, enhanced leadership potential, employee motivation and performance and potential innovation. 

Are the coaching sessions just about menopause related issues?

No. Not at all. This isn’t about coaching around a single issue. Rather it is about recognising that as part of the lived experience of women at a particular life and career stage and exploring that as part of who they are. It contributes to developing employees to unlock their full potential. 

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