Coaching for Flexible Organisations

Supporting the shift to more flexible forms of working

What is it?

Transformational coaching delivered at all levels in your organisation to help make flexible working a reality that enhances organisational performance. 

Why is it needed?

More and more organisations are facing the need to move towards flexible working. Flexibility in terms of where, how and when people work. And flexibility in terms of how the organisation changes to meet new demands. 

There are many drivers for this. The legacies of lockdown; A workforce that increasingly seeks flexibility to support work / life balance; Emerging technologies to enable remote working; Changing geographies of talent; The need to recruit diverse skills and experience that may not always be required in full time roles. Managed successfully flexibility has the potential to increase organisational performance. But it comes with many challenges. Not least around managing change, employee trust, developing new working practices, embedding company culture and managing communications and connections across distributed and diverse teams.

How can transformational coaching help?

Providing transformational coaching at scale across the organisation can powerfully enable the shaping, emergence and establishment of flexible working and other new working practices across organisations managing change. It transforms by:


  • Developing stronger connections between employees and the organisation
  • Establishing equivalence across diverse and flexible roles
  • Supporting individuals to gain deeper self understanding and inner purpose
  • Aligning distributed employees around organisational purpose and values
  • Developing empathetic employees who speak a common language and collaborate effectively around common goals 
  • Creating employees who lead from within and establishing greater levels of two way trust between employee and organisation 
  • Enabling individuals to unlock their full potential and do the best work of their lives


Who is it for?

Organisations that want to unlock their full potential and become better able to face the challenges of the years ahead. Its particularly suited for organisations embarking on a programme of purposeful change who want to align their teams around  

Is it cost effective?

We’ve designed our approach to coaching to allow organisations to be able to offer it at scale throughout the organisation. This allows incalculably high returns from low levels of investment per employee in terms of improved staff retention and recruitment, enhanced leadership potential, employee motivation and performance and potential innovation.

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