Coaching for Leadership Organisations

Empowering organisations to generate leadership skills from everywhere and everyone.

What is it?

Transformational coaching delivered at all levels in your organisation to make leadership something that comes from everywhere and everyone, not just a team at the top. 

Why is it needed?

Because in a world of constant change organisations don’t need a small group of leaders to thrive. They need to become a leadership organisation. Where the ability to lead, find new paths, work collaboratively and get the most from each other as a team is baked into the DNA of every individual in the organisation. Where everyone speaks the language of leadership and know how to lead and how to follow like it’s an inner instinct. 

How can transformational coaching help?

Providing transformational coaching at scale across the organisation positively transforms the organisation from one that is led to one where leadership happens everywhere. It transforms by:

  • Supporting individuals across the organisation to gain deeper self understanding and inner purpose
  • Align these with organisational purpose and values
  • Developing empathetic employees who speak a common language and collaborate effectively around common goals 
  • Helping teams feel connected to the organisation and to each other
  • Enabling individuals to unlock their full potential and do the best work of their lives


Who is it for?

Organisations that want to unlock their full potential and become better able to face the challenges of the years ahead. It’s particularly suited for organisations embarking on a programme of purposeful change who want to align their teams around  

Is it cost effective?

We’ve designed our approach to coaching to allow organisations to be able to offer it at scale throughout the organisation. This allows incalculably high returns from low levels of investment per employee in terms of improved staff retention and recruitment, enhanced leadership potential, employee motivation and performance and potential innovation. 

Do we end up with too many captains and not enough crew?

No. Creating a leadership organisation isn’t necessarily about changing reporting structures or lines of command (although over time it can lead to those being reinvented). It’s about ensuring that everyone understands what leadership means, how to align around common purpose, how to get the best from themselves and others. It’s not about making everyone the boss (although it does lead to much more collaborative and aligned working and in turn much greater employee motivation). It’s about supercharging the entire organisation, collectively aspiring to optimal performance and creating a shared language so people work together intuitively. It’s about enabling the entire organisation to become a leader in its sector. 

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