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A guide to building organisational resilience, personal resilience and resilience for teams.

Resilience can give us the strength to work through challenges, to be flexible at times of change and recover after set backs. But we need to work at building our capability to be resilient at all times, so that we have it when we need it.

Resilience isn’t just something for individuals to build, but can help teams and organisations to have the same capability to recover, flex and withstand complexity.

Share our team’s knowledge with your team

We work with clients across the global, helping them to build their own resilience through better understanding of themselves and those that they work with.

Working with our team of coaches and utilising on their experience we’ve pulled together some thoughts and tips on what we believe can help you develop resilience for yourself and those that you work with.

Our 33 page guide is full of helpful tips and insights designed to not just help build resilience in individuals, but also teams and organisations. It’s got daily tips, plans and step by step suggestions on how you can work at building resilience. We’ve also included some data insights on global workplace resilience. Finally we finish off the guide with some suggested further reading, app suggestions and podcasts that will help you develop your resilience further.

We’re making this available for you to download here, as a guide to building organisational resilience, personal resilience and team resilience.