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Talk to one of our experienced consultants about how to take your organisation’s Wellbeing Strategy to the next level.

What does the consultation include?


Identifying the most vital elements for an effective organisational wellbeing strategy


Ideas and inspiration for getting buy-in to bring the strategy to the heart of your organisation


Getting people involved and making this an ongoing part of people’s everyday lives


How to demonstrate the impact of wellbeing on everyday business performance


Discussion of your own challenges and opportunities in planning and delivering organisational Wellbeing Strategy

Action Planning

The session will be run using Transformational Coaching principles aiding you in planning actions and next steps

Who is it for?

If you’re involved in shaping the delivery of wellbeing and other “human support” services in your organisation then this is for you.

  • You may already be delivering wellbeing strategy in your business and looking for ways to optimise your approach even more 
  • You may be embarking on shaping a new strategy
  • You may be powerfully aware of the need for a Wellbeing Strategy and trying to work out how to champion this in your organisation
Wellbeing Strategy Consultation

Do I need to prepare anything?

No. The session is self contained and we’ll walk through some key steps to shaping a strategy with you. 

If you’ve not already used our Wellbeing Strategy Audit tool to assess where you think your organisation is at the moment in developing a strategy then it could be good to do this prior to the session.

Is the session completely free?

Yes. There’s no strings attached. This is provides us with the opportunity to share with you our skills and expertise in this area, with the hope that you’ll want to work with us again.

Are you selling something?

At Cognomie we’re on a mission to strengthen the Mental Fitness of more and more people around the world. We have lots of ways to help with that and some of them may help your organisation. This session is one way to help. We want to inspire more people to create more effective wellbeing strategies in their organisation. If we can help beyond the inspiration, then great. But this is to help you frame your thinking, not a sales pitch!

Who will the sessions be with?

One of our experienced Transformational Coaching Consultants. The session will combine our coaching principles to help guide your insights and actions, with our consulting knowledge and experience helping clients of all sectors, shapes and sizes implement powerful, business transforming wellbeing strategies and empower development.

Wellbeing Strategy Consultation

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