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Wellbeing at Work UK
Coaching, Mental Fitness

Wellbeing at Work UK Summit

This week the team at Cognomie are attending and participating in the Wellbeing at Work Summit, UK.  It’s been unprecedented ground for many sectors, across the global, over the 18 months, from which lots of experience has been gained and new approaches developed,...

Beyond Covid Image
Coaching, Consulting, Mental Fitness

Mental Fitness Beyond Covid

  Mental fitness always matters in the workplace but it matters now more than ever. Whilst it might be years before researchers understand the true cost of the COVID-19 pandemic, it is clear that incorporating employee mental wellbeing into their COVID-19...

Coaching, Consulting

Resilience: The Art of the ‘Bounce Back’

Is Resilience on your mind? It’s certainly on ours. Through our Global Mental Fitness Index we (at Cognomie), know that, not surprisingly, the world is feeling less Resilient right now than it did 12 months ago (pre-pandemic). We have captured data across...

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