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This week the team at Cognomie are attending and participating in the Wellbeing at Work Summit, UK. 

It’s been unprecedented ground for many sectors, across the global, over the 18 months, from which lots of experience has been gained and new approaches developed, as well as challenges overcome. It feels that this edition of the summit has been a really rich experience for all attendees.

We’ll be writing a reflection on the summit activities and discussions over the coming weeks that we’ll share with you.

As part of the agenda, our co-Founder and Global Head of Coaching, Kate Hesk, chaired the Leadership Panel discussion on the Future of Mental Health in the Workplace. Amongst many topics the panel discussed:

  • What does the future look like for mental health in the workplace ‘beyond’ the pandemic and what have we learnt from the last 18 months?
  • What do global/ multi-national organisations need to consider in building strategy for the future for mental health?
  • What are the challenges facing us as we look towards ‘recovery’? Including hybrid working practices. Proactivity and prevention, to avoid trying to “treat” our way out of challenges.
  • How do we build ‘toolkits’ which recognise that one size does not fit all, enabling individual responsibility, creating ownership?

The esteemed panel included John Binns, NED of the Board – CMHA, Aisha Sheikh-Anene, Chair of the Board – Mental Health Foundation, Keith Leslie, Chair – Samaritans, Sarah Kline, Co-Founder and CEO, United for Global Mental Health.

On Wednesday ​​we met at Herman Miller to discuss the future of the workplace – hybrid/ flexible/ agile working and the risks and rewards that need to be considered in this new work environment that we’ve grown accustomed to.

Additional subjects up for discussion at the Summit included:

  • Strategies for a Healthy, Engaged and Remote Workforce
  • Reimagining Working Life Post-Pandemic
  • How to build your Wellbeing Index
  • The Power of Empathetic and Authentic Leadership
  • Post-Trauma Resilience – What next for workplace resilience?

We’re delighted to have been part of these really important conversations at the Wellbeing at Work summit and looking forward to sharing our reflections and insights we’ve taken from the summit with you over the coming weeks.

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by | 16 Nov 2021

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