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Consulting, Insight

How well do you understand your employees?

Recent research by McKinsey shows that understanding your employees could be the key to turning attrition into attraction.  The great resignation in the form of increased employee attrition continues to be a challenge for organisations to deal with. A recent survey...

Insight and Self Awareness Post
Coaching, Insight

Insight and self awareness

One of the things I love the most about my work as a Transformational Coach is those times when ‘lightbulb’ moments occur within the coaching space. Experiencing a client making inner connections as insights about themselves emerge from their subconscious always...

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Emotional Intelligence, Insight

The Global Happiness Report

The World Happiness Report came out this last week.  It’s the 10th anniversary of this powerful annual investigation into trends impacting on happiness and wellbeing in 150 countries all around the world.  It’s an incredibly rich resource and we’ll be spending time...

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