A specific youth coaching strategy is good for the bottom line

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In today’s business landscape, organisations are constantly striving to achieve sustainable growth and profitability, while simultaneously making sure they are looking after their employees’ welfare. Coaching for young employees is generally not on the priority list.

But times are changing.

The most successful leaders recognise that, as well as investing in development of their senior people, providing resource for coaching for young employees can have very significant benefits, both for the individual and the organisation as a whole.

The reasons are clear.

Developing leadership potential and focussing on career development early on in an employee’s career has very significant benefits to an organisation almost immediately. Employees feel valued from the outset, productivity is maximised quickly.

A pro-active and preventative approach

It is clearly beneficial to equip young employees with the tools to recognise and address the challenges that life inevitably throws at them.  By developing a coaching culture, with a particular focus on coaching for young employees, organisations can create a supportive work environment that fosters resilience and performance. This can help reduce absenteeism, decrease employee turnover and reduce the costs associated with hiring and training new staff. In addition to promoting mental fitness, providing career coaching for young employees can build their engagement, improve communication, and cultivate a culture of innovation. This, in turn, can lead to better strategic planning, more efficient work processes, and ultimately, increased profitability. As Richard Branson famously said, “Take care of your employees, and they’ll take care of your business.”

Building a coaching culture around young people

The most forward-thinking companies are now looking at coaching for the younger generations – the leaders of the future. Mental Fitness and career coaching for the youngest people within an organisation can have a lasting impact on performance and the bottom line. Mentally fit younger employees not only on thrive in their own right, but also make a significantly more productive contribution to their organisation. And, of course, building a coaching culture around young people helps to attract and retain the best emerging talent.

One notable example of a company that has successfully implemented such initiatives is Kraft Heinz. They have partnered with Cognomie to support the mental fitness and career development of their young employees through tailored coaching and mentoring programmes. As a result, Kraft Heinz has experienced performance improvements and reduced absenteeism among its young workforce, demonstrating the value of investing in mental fitness and career development coaching in the young workforce.

As a senior executive, it is crucial to recognise that investing in mental fitness and career development for young people is not just an altruistic endeavour. It has a direct impact on the bottom line.

If you’d like to know more about how Cognomie’s specific coaching programmes for young people can impact your bottom line, contact john.young@cognomie.com



by | 18 Apr 2024

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