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Winter resilience
Mental Fitness

Proactive resilience – preparing for winter

It doesn’t feel that many weeks ago that we were writing about how to best use the summer months to build up resilience that may provide the strength, energy and adaptability to face challenges later in the year. Well here we are, with a new found chill in the air,...

Nature Fix
Mental Fitness

How do you get your nature fix?

It has always been our instinct that time spent in nature is calming, restorative and rejuvenating. As we have progressed on our own transformational journeys and understood more about our own sources of resilience, nature has played an increasingly important role...

Recharge your resilience
Mental Fitness

How will you recharge your resilience this summer?

Our resilience is the driving force that keeps us moving forward through the challenges life throws at us. Whether the big challenges of life like new careers, health challenges, dealing with loss and navigating a global pandemic, or the smaller everyday challenges...

employee engagement demonstrated by smiling employees
Coaching, Mental Fitness

Are your employees thriving?

We are big advocates of the idea of employee engagement and the associated movement to create more workplaces where employees want to give their best each day.  In the words of engagement advocate David Macleod, “This is about how we create the conditions in which...

Stretch and Strain of Leadership post image
Mental Fitness

The stretch and the strain of stress and anxiety

The ability to understand and manage our stress and anxiety are both important pillars of our Mental Fitness. They often have something of an interdependent relationship with each other arriving as part of the same experience.  Stress is our response to a threat:...

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