What makes our coaching different?

We believe in the power of coaching to transform lives and transform organisations. We are committed to setting and exceeding the highest standards in coaching delivery. We believe in coaching excellence.

Unlocking the “how” of coaching

Technology enabled coaching platforms are increasingly widely available. The transformative power of Cognomie lies in the ability of experienced coaches to be perfectly matched and work with their clients to create a ‘coaching space’ that enables deep connections where truly transformative experiences can take place.

Powered by humans

Cognomie is a human community supported by a technological platform. Our coaches develop strong working relationships with their clients through the development of profound presence in the coaching relationship. Delivering coaching excellence.

Why our coaching is truly transformational

Build your own coaching programme around the needs of your organisation

Our transformational coaching community is designed to be used as the building blocks for organisations to adapt and shape coaching delivery tailored to their needs. A tailored programme of 1:1, group or team coaching and/ or development workshops will be developed for your precise needs and to fit your budget

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All our coaching starts with the individual

Truly transformational coaching occurs when Coach and Coachee are able to make deep connections. This starts with a deep understanding of the individual.

  • You use our Cognosis tool to understand the Mental Fitness needs of individuals within the organisation
  • We match coaches and clients to ensure deep connection can emerge
  • Our coaches adapt the coaching approach to the specific needs of the individual
  • All 1-2-1 sessions are 1 hour to allow a truly transformational space to emerge

Tailor coaching provision around individual needs

Use Cognosis to gain deep understanding of the Mental Fitness needs of individuals within your organisation. Match individuals and coaches to deliver personalised solutions.

Tailor coaching provision around organisational values and purpose

Be clear about shared values and vision and align coaching delivery around organisational purpose. Only then can coaching excellence be achieved.

What do you want to transform?

What could a uniquely personalised coaching platform make happen in your business? We can build coaching solutions at scale around every need. Here are some recent projects that have used coaching to rapidly deliver organisational change:





We worked with a creative led business to help develop and empower truly creative leaders across the business

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