What is Mental Fitness?

A framework designed for developing and measuring personal and leadership capability of everyone.

Emotional and psychological development

Taking control, in your terms, of your emotional and psychological state

Developing internal capacity to deal with a wider variety of scenarios

Increasing your capacity for focus, presence and confidence. Achieving balance through positive thinking.

Developing your capability to engage better with those around you

Getting the best out of yourself and others through better communication and relationship skills


MENTAL FITNESSPersonal and organisational growth within a measurable framework

A framework to help us to address all the components in our lives that contribute to wellbeing.

Mental Fitness is the capacity and ability to improve your performance through taking control of your state of psychological and emotional wellbeing. 

Mental Fitness is generated through the ability to identify and manage your internal capacities such as focus, attention, presence, perspective, confidence, the ability to appreciate strengths, positivity, determination and to achieve balance. 

Secondly, Mental Fitness enables an individual to engage productively with their environment (whether at work or home), to manage relationships positively, communicate well, and to feel fulfilled, motivated and optimistic

A combination of all of these factors results in foundations of resourcefulness across the different skills and competencies important in a business setting. 

These include: the ability to maintain a healthy sleep pattern, work-life balance and personal confidence and to communicate effectively and manage through uncertainty. 

Developing a greater awareness of our Mental Fitness results in the development of a sense of wellbeing and happiness, valuable to each individual and invaluable to an organisation looking to sustain and improve business performance. 

MENTAL FITNESS DEVELOPMENTThe process we use to develop both individual and organisational Mental Fitness

A unique Cognomie process that ensures a return of investment on coaching from the start


Our proprietary Mental Fitness questionnaire identifies areas for individual and team focus, increasing the potential for positive impact from our work


Our technology platform matches individuals with their ideal coach from our global network based on their experience and areas of specialism


We build a foundation of Mental Fitness for each individual. Developing their insight, knowledge, behaviour and skills in a focussed manner


Coaching and training put into action. Increasing performance, happiness and positive engagement across individuals and teams


We measure impact and return on investment for all coaching and training. Providing leadership reports, insights and recommendations on next steps.

MENTAL FITNESS WITH COGNOMIEOur proprietary web platform sets us apart from the competition

Using the platform, we're able to identify what improvement is needed where and then deliver quick and effective solutions

Using the Cognosis questionnaire as a baseline, we’re able to identify what we need to focus on to bring the best results, then track impact and delivery performance.

Our platform also enables accurate matching of customer to coach rapidly. Once the matching process is complete, deploys the training and coaching to where it’s needed.


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