What is Mental Fitness?

Mental Fitness is the capacity to sustain and improve performance by managing your state of psychological and emotional wellbeing.

Developing Mental Fitness through coaching enables an individual to feel in control of their environment, to develop the capacity to strengthen their performance and to strengthen their engagement to get more from themselves and those around them.

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Being in Control

Having the inner resources to manage your emotional and psychological state.

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Developing Capacity

Being able to focus, have presence, be confident and achieve balance through positive thinking.

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Being Engaged

Getting the best out of yourself and others through better communication and relationship skills.

The foundations of Mental Fitness

Mental Fitness is founded upon an ecosystem of 12 interlocking and interrelated pillars.







Stress can be good for us, helping drive and motivation. Too much stress can sap our energy and risk burnout. Monitoring and understanding our stress is the first step in building strategies to make it our friend not our enemy.

Strengthen performance.
Unlock growth.


Strengthen individual and company performance

Mental Fitness is the capacity and ability to improve performance by taking control of your state of psychological and emotional wellbeing. Developing frameworks and structures to measure and support this drives performance.

Unlock personal and organisational development

Mental Fitness enables individuals to engage productively with their environment and growth their resourcefulness across the skills and competencies required for business growth.

Cognosis is our Mental Fitness benchmarking tool. Its designed to profile individuals, teams and organisations to enable a deeper understanding of Mental Fitness to help aid and focus development.

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Benchmark your Mental Fitness

Benchmark your Mental Fitness:

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