Our coaching programmes, designed for performance and growth in health and pharmaceuticals and healthcare

We recognise the demands on organisations can share similar demands and trends across sectors as work reflects societal changes and growth. But there are nuanced differences that can be sector specific and bring marginal differences in the impact of coaching work that can have significant impacts on performance.

We build out our programmes to be customised to the specific needs of the pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors, but also working with our consulting team, we shape them to meet the specific needs of your organisation. Below are some of the areas of focus that we bring:

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Leadership Organisations

We believe leadership shouldn’t be constrained to those that sit in the executive teams, but should be a capability that is woven into the very fabric of organisations. We strive to build leadership organisations.

Menopause Coaching

Menopause Coaching

The impact of the menopause on our organisation’s ability to perform can be significant. But with the right support and coaching individuals can be empowered to perform at their best at a time when often their capability and experience is at its peak.

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Flexible Organisations

Organisations that have the resilience, capability and skills to flex when demanded, are able to innovate and lead in times of turbulence, making the most of a storm.

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Resilient Teams

We all work in multiple teams, be those project teams or management teams. Teams that are able to be more resilient are more likely to achieve their aims. Supporting each other towards shared goals.

Coaching and development based on significant pharmaceutical and healthcare sector experience

Our management team and coaching community has vast experience within the pharmaceutical sector and having delivered many successful projects within the industry and senior roles within organisations that include Johnson & Johnson, Merck. This experience, combined with our world class Mental Fitness programmes places us in a unique position to assist those in the pharma sector.

We strongly believe that our approach to coaching, that blends rich human conversations held by highly experienced coaches and then enabled by our technology platform that allows us to manage transformational coaching at scale sets us apart from our competition. Delivering highly impactful coaching, rapidly. Transforming organisations to be more purposeful, gain greater effectiveness, with better performing and happier people.

To speak to one of our management team about their experience, or to find out more about how they put this experience into the services that we deliver, simply get in touch with us today.


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