Cognomie launches crowdfund to power global growth into Mental Fitness market

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Cognomie has today, launched a crowdfunding campaign to drive our next phase of rapid growth into the global wellbeing market, estimated at over $120bn. We’re delighted to be partnering with Crowdcube on this and expect to go into overfunding quickly.

To invest in our crowdfunding campaign visit our dedicated Crowdcube page now.


Cognomie: Delivering Mental Fitness for everyone

Our clients and community know that at Cognomie, we’re on a mission to deliver Mental Fitness for everyone.

We’ve been thrilled to see the impact of Cognomie’s tech-enabled subscription coaching platform in just two years, as we increasingly become part of the conversation around preventing a mental health pandemic. A major fall-out of Covid-19, one in four (26%) adults and over one in six (18%) young people experienced mental distress for the first time during the pandemic. Experts predict this to snowball in the next 24 months.

Human coaching conversations at scale

As a team, we set out to create a space in the workplace Mental Fitness market through a unique model of high-quality human coaching conversations, facilitating proactive and positive coaching conversations across all business sectors.

Our proprietary technology platform supports the delivery of coaching at scale, automating key processes and, through a matching algorithm, ensures the right human connections between our clients and community. Cognomie sessions are designed to be delivered at scale, through a brilliant, growing and diverse global community of 350+ coaches, therapists and counsellors.

If you’re familiar with our approach, you’ll know that we’re big believers that one size does not fit all.

Clients are matched with the coach best suited to individual needs ensuring a deeply personal coaching experience. Our aim is for employees to become more aware and insightful so that they can develop a sustained personal understanding, to proactively support their Mental Fitness – both in work and home environments.

Personalising Mental Fitness through rich data

Working with clients such as Ford, LVMH, Kraft Heinz and the NHS, we deliver data-driven insights and benchmarking, enabling organisations to take a holistic view of mental wellbeing strategies while providing individual Mental Fitness journeys for individuals and their teams. This is how we develop individual performance and improve organisational effectiveness.

The future of Mental Fitness

The next phase of funding will be invested into expanding global sales for Cognomie. Together with increasing its corporate client base, the offer will extend to support employees’ families. Direct-to-consumer and corporate subscriptions are a key growth focus, as well as developing its public sector expertise. The crowdfund will also support expansion of Cognomie’s coaching community, globally, and further investment in the use of AI to support our clients in developing and tracking their own Mental Fitness.

Cognomie is deeply committed to developing support for young people: at the grass roots of global Mental Fitness, Kate (Co-founder and Global Head of Coaching) and the team believe that this focus is pivotal to turning the tide on mental health-related illness. Investment in our young people and family offer is a major pillar for Cognomie’s crowdfund, with pilots already underway with St. Andrews University.

Mental Fitness is an essential movement for the moment the world finds itself in today. Cognomie is about Mental Fitness for everyone, whoever and wherever they are. Which is why we designed a model rooted in human coaching connections, at scale. And, by enabling this through tech, we can help even more people build the fulfilling, healthy working and personal lives we all want.

We see this crowdfunding campaign as a collective call to action and way to bring our community into a shared mission towards global Mental Fitness. We’d love you to be part of this. Find out more about our crowd funding campaign on Crowdcube.

Investments of this nature carry risks to your capital. Please Invest Aware.

by | 18 Nov 2021

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