Why Mental Fitness Matters

Mental Fitness


Mental Fitness is the capacity and ability to improve your performance through taking control of your state of psychological and emotional wellbeing. It’s generated through the ability to identify and manage your internal capacities such as focus, attention, presence, perspective, confidence, the ability to appreciate strengths, positivity, determination and to achieve balance. 

Mental Fitness enables an individual to engage productively with their environment (whether at work or home), to manage relationships positively, communicate well, and to feel fulfilled, motivated and optimistic.

When it comes to our health, we know that physical fitness is important but our mental fitness can often be overlooked. Becoming aware of our mental fitness allows us to develop the skills and abilities to manage our emotions, and deal with stressors and challenges effectively. 




Improved productivity

Mental Fitness helps to develop focus, concentration, and time management and resourcefulness. It helps us to become more present, less affected by distractions and able to better retain information. 


A positive outlook

When we become aware of our own thought patterns we are better able to identify and reframe unhelpful thoughts. Focusing on mental fitness can cultivate self-compassion and in turn, a more positive, optimistic outlook to life. 


Improved sleep quality

We all know the importance of a good night’s sleep but for many of us, it can be elusive. As with physical fitness, being mentally fit has a positive impact on sleep patterns and quality. 


Positive relationships 

When we are mentally fit we are more confidence and have a higher level of self-esteem which has a positive impacts on our relationships. We are better able to handle our emotions and shift from “reactive mode” to respond to conflict more effectively.


Increased problem-solving ability and motivation

When we are mentally fit, we have a greater ability to shift from a state of overthinking and take a solution-focused approach to challenges. We also often have a higher level of motivation and are able to set a vision and clear goals for our life. 


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by | 24 Aug 2021

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