Our services

We deliver our work through a number of different service streams, each of these can be customised to your needs.

PERSONALISED MENTAL FITNESS COACHINGPersonalised coaching for teams and individuals

Coaching designed specifically to meet your needs. We work with you to discover the coaching that's going to have the greatest impact on performance and wellbeing. Creating a benchmark to track development and investment over time.
"These sessions have provided me support in the form of en-courage-ment, gently challenging and interesting company, non-judgemental listening ears. a safe place to reflect and sound out ideas and some excellent role modelling. If only we could have had a year of group coaching through the last 12 Covid months, I think this would have been a great asset, as the sessions we have had have already been."
NHS Primary Care LeaderNHS Leadership Coaching

Solution design using data driven benchmarking

We benchmark individuals and organisations via our data driven platform to understand what services will provide the best outcome for your objectives. Then through consultation, shape your coaching and training experience to deliver the best performance outcome for all.

BESPOKE TRAININGTraining designed for your organisation to develop, reskill and retain employees and increase performance

The internal characteristics that underpin all professional and organisational development
The relational skills that underpin world-class leadership, team-work, partnership and customer relations
The cultural qualities that differentiate great from good organisations

DISCOVER COGNOMIEWhy investing in optimism is worthwhile

The ability for organisations and individuals to think positively about the future. Building on successes of the past, to approach new challenges ahead with optimism,


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