Mental Fitness and Leadership

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How can Mental Fitness help create better leaders?

Leading organisations in a fast changing world is challenging and requires constant agility and the ability to perform at the limits of one’s personal capabilities. Here’s 5 reasons why we think monitoring, managing and improving Mental Fitness is a foundational requirement for leadership.

Improved cognitive function.

Developing improved mental fitness can lead to improved concentration, focus, memory and processing speed all of which can aid decision making and the ability to confidently recall vital information at the moment it’s needed.

Operating in the moment.

By being aware of everything going on in the moment, in our inner and outer worlds, individuals with high levels of mental fitness are able to respond, rather than react, ensuring decision making is considered rather than reactive.

Connecting and influencing.

People who exhibit high levels of Mental Fitness tend to exhibit character traits that are the foundations of strong relationships. Confidence. Optimism. Positivity. Warmth. These help create empathetic connections that lead to the understanding and the ability to influence business leader’s need.

Inner Strength.

A deep understanding of personal strengths and capabilities is integral to mental fitness. Being aware of one’s strengths and when they can be drawn upon in different situations is vital to Leadership. So at times is being aware of one’s limitations and having the ability to reach out beyond one’s self to other’s to extend one’s own capabilities.


Organisations need individuals at all levels with high levels of mental fitness. By acting as a role model and ensuring that Mental Fitness and workplace wellbeing is a priority throughout the organisation,

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by | 26 Aug 2021

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