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We believe in the power of coaching to transform lives and transform organisations. We are committed to setting and exceeding the highest standards in coaching delivery. We believe in coaching excellence. Your read more about our mission here.

What we write about

We share insights into coaching techniques, thoughts on different aspects that we structure our transformational coaching around. We also share the principles of Mental Fitness to educate others on the role that Mental Fitness can play in all of our lives.

You can learn more about Mental Fitness here.


employee engagement demonstrated by smiling employees
Coaching, Mental Fitness

Are your employees thriving?

We are big advocates of the idea of employee engagement and the associated movement to create more workplaces where employees want to give their best each day. In the words of engagement advocate David Macleod, “This is about how we create the conditions in which...

How well do you understand your employees image
Consulting, Insight

How well do you understand your employees?

Recent research by McKinsey shows that understanding your employees could be the key to turning attrition into attraction. The great resignation in the form of increased employee attrition continues to be a challenge for organisations to deal with. A recent survey...

The importance of a wellbeing audit post image
Consulting, Consulting, Insight, Insight, Wellbeing Strategy, Wellbeing Strategy

How can a Wellbeing Audit help your organisation develop the most effective wellbeing strategy for your business?

One of our first recommendations for any organisation developing a wellbeing strategy is to undertake a wellbeing audit. Assessing the business, both in terms of the current wellbeing landscape within the organisation, and in terms of the current Mental Fitness...

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