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The InsideOut Awards are fast becoming one of the leading ways of recognising achievements in workplace wellbeing. 

We’re consequently feeling very proud that one of our client partners has just won the award for Large Employer of the Year. The NHS South West Leadership Academy (SWLA) had been nominated a Large Employer who had implemented the best mental health and wellbeing programme focusing on recovery and preventative solutions. The Judging Panel comprises of luminaries from the public and private sector and we’re delighted that they recognised both the innovation and effectiveness that lies behind the wellbeing strategy we worked with SWLA to implement. 

The NHS SWLA team is an inspiration to other NHS teams around the country. In an organisation already deeply committed to employee wellbeing, they are leading the way in building mental health and recovery support programmes for NHS employees. NHS commissioning groups and Primary Care Trusts are uniquely challenging environments for delivering wellbeing strategy and we are constantly inspired by the creativity and innovation shown by SWLA. 

The award was for their “Supporting you through Winter” programme introduced to support front-line workers, managers, clinicians, leaders and managers across the South West region. Recognising that increasing demands on time, attention, energy and capacity may become detrimental to health and well-being, they have built a portfolio of development opportunities designed to respond to the pressures of winter and around three major themes: recovery, integration and cultural change.

The programme enables employees to develop a personalised wellbeing programme from a wider range of resources, support and community programmes including coaching and mentoring. These are all designed with the recognition that NHS employees at every level are time poor and that winter is a particularly challenging time for the NHS. 

We love the way the coaching element of the programme recognised the time pressures that impact on NHS staff and offered a “bite size” solution to deliver an accelerated form of Transformational Coaching. This bite-size coaching programme achieved an engagement score of 95% against a target of 90%, 9.4/10 for satisfaction against a target of 8+ and an NPS (Net Promoter Score) of 9.6 against a target of 9+.

We never ceased to be inspired and energised working alongside SWLA and are delighted to see their important work recognised by the InsideOut Awards in this way.


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by | 29 Mar 2022

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