Prevention, personalisation & performance are at the heart of wellbeing strategy

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Prevention, personalisation & performance are key pillars of wellbeing strategy

Many conversations we have with clients start by discussing where their organisation is in terms of developing their wellbeing strategy. Commonly their company does have some elements of a strategy in place, but it is quite reactive. In many organisations, support is there for people who are facing challenges with Mental Fitness or personal wellbeing. The focus can be on reacting to these challenges, rather than preventing them occurring in the first place.

Perhaps this reflects our position as a society. In the last few years awareness of the importance of Mental Fitness and personal wellbeing for supporting our resilience at an individual and social level has grown. But the debate can still be too much about ‘reacting’ to challenges and problems, than how we manage our lives to prepare and prevent. A preventative wellbeing strategy can improve organisational performance.

Putting prevention at the heart of wellbeing strategy

Prevention is the first of 3 key pillars in the current Government’s strategy for the NHS.

In a recent speech in his role as Health and Social Care Secretary at The Royal College of Physicians, The Rt Hon Sajid Javid, MP stated that:

I want us to shift to a new mode of operating – one that’s about helping the whole population to stay healthy, not just treating those who show up asking for help… We must hardwire prevention into the NHS.”

Clearly the NHS with its huge reach, budgets and influence has a vital role to play in this. But we think it’s a fantastic call to arms to institutions, organisations and businesses as well. All of us are part of the fabric of society and can take a more preventative stance towards health and wellbeing. After a period in our collective history where many of us have felt frustrated at times that the best we can do to support the incredible work of the NHS is to stand outside and clap, this is motivating in itself.

Personalised wellbeing strategies are more effective

The second of the Health and Social Care Secretary’s 3 pillars is personalisation.

We know that when healthcare is personalised – built around the person and their family – it works better. It’s not just more efficient, it’s more effective too: with more diseases prevented and better medical interventions.”

Yes! Another refrain we hear from talking to clients is that a strategy exists. But it is based on a “one size fits all” approach.

Strengthening the Employee Value Proposition by developing a wellbeing strategy should be data driven and start with profiling Mental Fitness at an individual level.

Which should be the foundations for developing a truly personalised strategy, tailored around the needs of individuals and teams. Just as the human element of the NHS will always be key to delivering a service tailored to individuals and families alongside technology, a mix of human and technological delivery is vital for organisational wellbeing.

Health and wellbeing drives innovation and performance.

All of this is more than just a “good thing to do”.

For the Health and Social Care Secretary, performance within the NHS is very much about unlocking and disseminating innovation:

We must listen to the innovators already doing incredible things within the system. We’ve seen that where this happens, the challenges that appear to be intractable in one place can be resolved in another. It’s essential that innovative solutions don’t just stay where they are – they must go far and wide.”

Adopting a transformative health and wellbeing strategy within a business is no doubt a powerful form of innovation. But it is also a driver of innovation and a ROI at a business level (and by extension therefore a driver of growth at a National level as well).

Businesses that evolve their ‘Employee Value Proposition’ so that wellbeing and Mental Fitness are at the heart of their organisational values, culture and behaviours see the impact of this in improved performance, perception and promotion.

In summary

Prevention, personalisation & performance are powerful pillar foundations for shaping the future of the NHS. They represent a wider project that we should all be part of as companies, teams and individuals. Companies leading the way driving this agenda aren’t just improving performance for themselves. They are part of a wider movement placing Mental Fitness and wellbeing at the heart of our society and economy.

Need some more inspiration?

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